Bluegrass Region Porsche Club
Bluegrass Region Porsche Club

07/16/23 David & Patricia Patrick 1963 356B Reveal

The Bluegrass Region Social for July was held at the house of David and Patricia Patrick in Lexington.  With around 50 attendees including our PCA friends and some of our family and neighbors our back yard was pretty full.

The group got to feast on some great Italian from Smashing Tomato, one of our favorite spots.  They catered vegetarian options of Lasagna and Penne Pasta, Kissed by the Flame Pizza with various toppings, Bread and their always delicious salads.  Dessert was pot luck and there were lots of goodies to enjoy to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Patricia and I had our 356 out for everyone to see.  It has been a 6 year project and is complete except the bumper trim and rear seat cushions.  We got a lot of very nice compliments on the car and a loud cheer when I started it up for everyone to hear.

At the end of the dinner we had some HotWheels drag races.  Surprisingly Ed Steverson did not win.  The winning car was a GT1 raced by David Alexander, Second Place was Rich Barcelona with a 944 and third place was Bruno Martins a new friend of ours from Brazil with a 911.

We all had a great time with lots of laughter to go along with the great food.  

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success, Tracy and Ed Steverson for the tables and chairs, Larry Dukes and Bill Griffin for getting the word out, the Team from Smashing Tomato for the great food and service, my neighbors and family who helped set up and lent us coolers and tables,  all our PCA friends for showing up and having a great time and mostly to my wife Patricia for getting everything organized and on schedule.

Article written by David Patrick

Author: bluegrasspca