Bluegrass Region Porsche Club
Bluegrass Region Porsche Club

Board Responsibilities

In most cases the Committees mentioned below consist of the Chairperson alone. As membership is growing we are interested in having others assist Committee Chairpersons. If any of these committees or Chairperson roles appeal to you then please contact any Board member to learn more about how you can play a role in club.


A Director for the Bluegrass PCA is a membership elected adjunct member of the operating Board, a member that can serve as a resource for general or specific events or operations undertaken by the Board. Directors have full voting authority on Board decisions, and may bring specific contributions to both Board and membership activities. Directors can serve as liaison between membership and Board, as well as recruiters for new members beyond the reach of regular Board members.

Activities Chair

The Activities Committee is responsible for keeping the event calendar full. Monthly, we gather for Cars & Coffee and a dinner social. Throughout the year we plan driving tours and other celebrations of interest to the membership. Given our track record for closing Lexington restaurants, the Activities Chair has had a big job scheduling monthly socials lately, but we’ll persevere. We use the Eventbrite system to solicit RSVPs for certain events and this helps us communicate planned attendance with area restaurants. We often coordinate events with the Kentucky Region which entails a little more planning. The Activities Chair solicits ideas for new events and new venues to keep things fresh. The Activities Chair ensures the calendar of events is accurate and current on the website and in the Rumble newsletter.

Concours Chair

The Concours Committee was established to educate the membership about the various procedures and products related to preparing, maintaining and exhibiting for judging a Concours-quality Porsche. We strive to demystify the Concours aspect of Porsche ownership, and seek to share these techniques to all owners. Our committee members are experienced national- level Concours entrants and judges who are willing and available to share their expertise with members. “Tech Sessions” are occasionally offered to share information about products and cleaning techniques, and to educate members about the scoring systems used at the Porsche Parade, and other nationally recognized events.

Drive Chair

The Driving Tour Chair Coordinates planning and scheduling of Driving Tours and Off Road Driving Tours with Region Board of Directors and provide the tour schedule to the Zone Rep for inclusion on the Zone calendar. Arrange for all events to be posted on the Region website, in the Region newsletter, and on Region social media as applicable.

It is helpful to plan all Driving Tours for the entire year so members can plan ahead.

  1. Confirm the Event Insurance Enrollment Form has been submitted and the certificate of insurance (COI) has been received from National. Provide the appropriate Release and Waiver of Liability forms to each Event Chair and instruct them to return the signed copies to the Region member responsible for filing them per PCA procedures. If using an electronic waiver signing process, ensure the Event Chair is provided a copy of all e-signed waivers for tracking purposes.
  2. Require all Driving Tour Event Chairs to conduct all Driving Tours in accordance with guidance in the Region Managements section; “Minimum Standards: Driving Tours”, “Minimum Standards: Off Road” on the PCA
    forms and documents page. Also see General Event Guidelines for destination planning and preparation of the route driving instructions.
  3. Event Chair to submit a Post Event Report and ensure an Observer Report is completed. If necessary, ensure an Incident Report is submitted. Refer to 2023 RPM SECTION 2 – REGION OPERATIONS
  4. Consider coordinating multi-region driving tours, if possible, with neighboring regions. Solicit and approve region members to act as Driving Tour Event Chairs, with duties including route and destination planning and preparation of the route driving instructions.
  5. Review general information and route instruction sheets with new Event Chairs. Attend Region Board of Director meetings and be available to the Region membership to answer questions and provide information regarding the appropriate Minimum Standards.

Membership Chair

The Membership Committee’s primary responsibility is to welcome new members and help them get acquainted with the club. We have some standard communications we send to all new members and we task everyone on the Board to make a concerted effort to meet and greet new members. Each month National PCA sends us a list of new members, membership information changes and nonrenewing members. The Membership Chair contacts non-renewers and urges them to extend their membership. Every year at the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance the Bluegrass Region comes out in full force to help park Porsches in the Porsche Paddock. Naturally, this event creates an opportunity to outreach to prospects and re-acquaint dormant members with all the wonderful things the club does. And for several years now we’ve held a New Member Appreciation celebration in late summer, which is another way we bring new and tenured members together.

Safety Chair

Our Safety Chair has one goal: keep us safe. One of the primary responsibilities of the Safety Chair is to obtain insurance through PCA for club driving tours and events which we wish to have covered by the insurance. The process for obtaining insurance has been greatly streamlined through technology but there are some time frames which must be adhered to in the process. We rely on the Safety Chair to help us identify and reduce risk at events, and to ensure we follow PCA guidelines and best practices.

Social Media Chair

Social Media is playing a much larger role in how we interact with members. The Social Media Chair posts pictures, links, and other content in a timely and responsible manner to a variety of platforms. Currently, the Bluegrass Region is active on Facebook and Instagram. The Social Media Chair works closely with the Newsletter Editor, the Photographer and the Webmaster to coordinate messaging. The Social Media Chair keeps content fresh by posting items frequently throughout the month and reports usage and other statistics to the Board.

Technical Chair

The Technical Chair is a resource to the membership for Porsche technical matters. The Technical Chair works closely with the Activities Committee to schedule Tech Sessions that will be of interest to the club. It is not uncommon for the Technical Chair to arrange for a Tech Session to be held at a club member’s home, or at a local business. The Technical Chair helps connect those who have a Porsche mechanical question to a recognized expert within the club or local community.

Track Chair

The Track Committee is the conduit for your race day adventures. The Bluegrass Region has a tradition of asking one of its racing-obsessed members to serve as Track Chair and this has served us well. The Track Chair will keep tabs on track events in the area (e.g., NCM, Putnam Park, Mid-Ohio) and communicate schedules to the membership. The Track Chair serves as primary point of contact for questions about anything track related, like participating in a Drivers Education event. The Track Chair is an Ambassador with other neighboring PCA Regions to coordinate participation for race day events.