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Bluegrass Region Porsche Club

Driving Tour Corner

Bluegrass Region PCA: Membership Appreciation Driving Tour from Lexington to Frankfort

Saturday, August, 19 2023

Starting Location: 4391 Old Harrodsburg Road, Lexington (Rear of Ramsey’s Parking Lot)
Meeting Time: 2:00 PM Park cars in Ramsey’s parking lot.
Drivers Meeting: 2:20 PM Please arrive with a full tank and an empty bladder (bathrooms in Ramsey’s)
Departure Time: 3:00 PM Zero your odometer when you leave parking lot to sync with directions.
Please start out with a full tank of fuel; you should have a navigator on board who can read upcoming instructions to the driver.

Everyone on tour must have signed the PCA Insurance Waiver anyone under 18 must have Minor Waiver signed by parents/guardian.

Once the tour begins, please turn on your headlights to increase your visibility to the group.

A note about Bluegrass Roads:
Remember, this is a driving tour, not a race. We will drive at or close to the posted speed limits. Roads
on this tour are typical of the Bluegrass Region. With few exceptions, the roads on this drive are two-
lane US or KY highways. Some are narrow with no shoulders and steep drop-offs, and they often have
large trees growing at the edge of the pavement. Virtually all of the roads on the tour are two-way except
for several bridges that are identified as “Narrow Bridge”. Please drive carefully.

Driving tour organization:
We will have two groups of cars for this tour. . Each group will have a “Lead” and a “Sweep” equipped with radios to stay in contact and keep the group together. Cars will be staged in the parking lot before leaving the lot. If you have a radio, use Channel 5 to monitor communications between leads and sweeps.

Once on the tour, DO NOT PASS. Maintain a margin of three car lengths from the car in front of you. Also keep the car behind you in view, if you can’t see them, slow down so they can catch up. We want to keep the groups together without allowing non-tour cars to get into the group.

Again, drive carefully and enjoy the sights. Route instructions are intended to be clear and concise with
no “trick” directions. Please follow the directions and stay in line with your group.

Driving tour Guides:
Bluegrass Region Drive Chair: Larry Dukes
Group 1 Lead: Mike Love 859-420-2205
Group 1 Sweep: Neil Fisher 859-312-7852
Group 2 Lead: David Patrick 859-629-0667
Group 2 Sweep: Rich Barsalona 859-629-1091

The 2023 Driving Tours Chair for the Bluegrass Region of the Porsche Club of America is Larry Dukes.

I joined the PCA in February of 2017 and in 2021 was named Drive Chair. I have really enjoyed planning, organizing and conducting Driving Tours throughout the Bluegrass. As Driving Tours Chair, I coordinate planning and scheduling of driving tours with the Region Board of Directors and provide the tour schedule to the Zone Rep for inclusion on the Zone calendar. I also arrange for all events to be posted on the Region Calendar, Region website, in the Region newsletter, and on Region social media as applicable.

The Bluegrass Region is a group of people that are bonded by a single emotion, that we love driving our Porsches!”

2022 PCA Friday Driving Tour

In the first year as Driving Tours Chair, I was able to organize and conduct a driving tour each month from March through October. In July, we conducted a drive on PCA Friday as part of this year’s Keeneland Concours. I hope you enjoy the highlights for 2022 and hope you join us for our drives in 2023 through the beautiful bluegrass country.

A synopsis of the drives follows:

BGS Porsche Driving Tour Warsaw, IN

• March: A drive from Frankfort, KY to Warsaw, KY to have lunch at The Sunset Grill. Fifty-four members in thirty-two cars participated in the drive.

• April: A drive from Lexington, KY to Bardstown, KY to have lunch at Colton’s Steakhouse. Twenty-one members in thirteen cars participated in the drive.

• May: A drive from Lexington, KY to Ravenna, KY to have lunch at the Old Timers Café. Twenty-three members in sixteen cars participated in the drive.

• June: A drive from Lexington, KY to Berea, KY and back. Lunch was at Papaleno’s Restaurant in Berea. Twenty-six members in eighteen cars participated in the drive.

• July: We held a drive as part of PCA Friday at Keeneland. The drive was from Keeneland (Lexington, KY) through horse farm country including at stop at the WinStar Farm Stallion Barn for a tour, then back to Keeneland. Sixty-seven members from five regions, in thirty-six cars participated in the drive.

2022 PCA Friday Driving Tour
2022 PCA Friday Driving Tour
2022 PCA Friday Driving Tour

• August: Our annual Membership Appreciation Drive was from Lexington, KY to Ed and Tracy Steverson’s home in Frankfort, KY for dinner and celebration of our members. Fifty-seven members in twenty-eight cars participated in the drive.

• September: We held a drive from Versailles, KY to Bloomfield, KY for dinner at The Old Bloomfield Meeting Hall. Fifty-five members in Twenty-nine cars participated in the drive and dinner.

• October: Our annual Fall Charity Drive from Lexington, KY to Brian and Karla Young’s 1922 House Winery in Nicholasville, KY to enjoy wine tasting, Charcuterie Boards and to raise money for the Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund. Fort-eight members in Twenty-one cars participated in the drive and gathering. $1,305 was contributed by members, the winery contributed $100 and the Bluegrass Region contributed $1,000 for a total of $2,405.

2022 Fall Charity Drive
2022 Fall Charity Drive
2022 Fall Charity Drive