Bluegrass Region Porsche Club
Bluegrass Region Porsche Club

Historian – Officers

The descriptions of the officer’s responsibilities and duties can be found in the club’s By-Laws.

In 2008, the Past President officer was added.  Most regions retain the outgoing, immediate Past President on the Region’s Board of Directors, for continuity.

Vice President
Past President
2024Jamie DiehlLarry McVayRon BarbatoMark WhelanKen Hold
2023Jamie DiehlLarry McVayRon BarbatoDavid BoydKen Hold
2022Ken HoldRick MusicTaylor WardDavid BoydPatrick Meyer
 2021Ken HoldRick MusicTaylor WardDavid BoydPatrick Meyer
 2020Ken HoldKevin VrbanacTaylor WardLarry McVayPatrick Meyer
 2019Patrick MeyerEd SteversonRick MusicLarry McVayKen Hold
 2018Patrick MeyerEd SteversonRick MusicLarry McVayKen Hold
 2017Ken HoldPatrick MeyerRick MusicMike WilsonEd Steverson
 2016Ken HoldPatrick MeyerBob LovejoyMike WilsonEd Steverson
 2015Ken HoldMason WilsonBob LovejoyDavid HafleyEd Steverson
 2014Ed SteversonMason WilsonBob LovejoyDavid HafleyDavid Patrick
 2013Ed SteversonMason WilsonBrett Jackson/
Bob Lovejoy
David HafleyDavid Patrick
 2012Ed SteversonKen SloneBob LovejoyMaureen ElwynDavid Patrick
 2011David PatrickEd SteversonBob LovejoyWilliam GloverPaul Elwyn
 2010Paul ElwynEd SteversonBob LovejoyWilliam GloverGary Hackney
2009Gary HackneyKen PatrymillerMike ShephardWilliam GloverEd Steverson
2008Ed SteversonGary HackneyMike ShepherdMike FieldenKen Hold
2007Ken HoldBecke CleaverMike ShepherdMike Fielden 
2006Ken HoldBecke CleaverGlenn CombsMike Fielden 
2005Ken HoldBecke CleaverGlenn ComobsBrian Kiser 
2004Brian KiserGreg SchickelBecke CleaverKen Hold 
2003Brian Kiser Greg SchickelBecke CleaverKen Hold