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Bluegrass Region Porsche Club

Historian – Track Time

Our Track Chair writes a monthly article for the Rumble entitled ‘Track Time’.  Those articles provide instruction and information regarding Porsche racing and track activities. He is excited to help others enjoy high performance driving and DE (Driver Education) events, and is a great resource if you are interested in getting involved in track events.  Please see the Track page for more information.

He started writing his Track Time articles in March 2013.  His articles from the past years can be found in the Rumbles and are available on the Newsletters page and archived Historian Newsletters page.  His 2013 and 2014 articles have been archived below.

2014 Track Time

January 2014 – New Face of Pro Racing

February 2014 – Rolex 24 at Daytona

March 2014 – Execute the Perfect Turn

April 2014 – Pro and Local Events

May 2014 – Learning

June 2014 – LeMans Review

July 2014 – KYPCA at Putnam Park

August 2014 – Tudor at Indianapolis

September 2014 – All About DEs

October 2014 – KYPCA at Putnam Park

November 2014 – NCM and Road Atlanta

December 2014 – Porsche and the Coming Race Season

2013 Track Time

March 2013 – Driver Education Intro

April 2013 – Anatomy of a Track Event

May 2013 – Manual Versus PDK

June 2013 – Driving Technique

July 2013 – KYPCA Putnam Park DE

August 2013- Anatomy of a Curve

September 2013 – Technique Contact Patch

October 2013 – Technique Tires

November 2013 – Pro Racing Landscape

December 2013 – Track Q&A