Bluegrass Region Porsche Club
Bluegrass Region Porsche Club

Meet the Board – Chairs

Activities Chair

Mike Love

Hello, I’m Mike Love. I have to confess that I have not always been a Porsche person. When I was younger owning a Porsche seemed no more likely to me than owning a Rolls-Royce. The sports car that I could afford was the Mazda RX-7. In a futile attempt to look cool I bought my fiancée Kathy a new 1985 RX-7. Coolness did not ensue but we got married anyway. We both joined the Central KY Region of the SCCA and were active for several years, I was autocross chair for a couple of years and Regional Ex for a short time. Then a child and job change ended our car club experience. After we bought Kathy a new car, she let me use the Mazda as my every day driver until it got totaled, but that’s another story. 20 years later, after I retired, the need for speed bit me again. In 2016, I started looking for another sports car. After many hours of YouTube viewing and long conversations with my neighbors about the importance of 50/50 weight balance, manual vs automatic transmissions, and the optimum temperature for cold beer I decided to look for a Porsche Boxster. I found a 2014 Boxster S with PDK transmission and much to my surprise I found that I could actually afford to buy the car. Soon afterward Kathy and I joined the Bluegrass Region of the PCA. Kathy and I have enjoyed the activities that the club provides to its members, we both enjoy the monthly socials, Porsche club cars and coffee, the club tours, and for the past two years I have been participating in the PCA High Performance Driver education courses. I hope to use this opportunity to give some of my time back to the club in return for all the fun activities that it has provided to me.

Concours Chair

Phil Doty

I joined PCA in 1978 soon after my wife Cheryl and I purchased a ’74 911 while living in New Jersey. We sold that a year later and bought a new ’79 924, just before a transfer to Louisville in 1980 and were affiliated with Kentucky Region. We each were President of that Region, and we were registrars for the now-defunct Porsche Derby. During this time, we had two children, added (then sold) a project 356 A coupe, then added a ’87 Carrera. Along the way we were honored to be PCA’s Family of the Year in 1989. I was the PCA Zone 4 Rep for four years, later becoming the national PCA Procedures chair for 13 years. In 2003, several members and I started the Bluegrass Region, and I am very proud that both Cheryl and I were Charter Members. She later was the first editor of Bluegrass Region’s Rumble. In 2005, I was the Concours Chair for the Hershey Porsche Parade. In 2012, I was selected as the recipient of the National PCA Zone Reps’ Award for my editorship of the annual Region Procedures Manual (The “RPM”). Sadly, in 2016, Cheryl, passed away. In 2019 I added a 2015 Cayman GTS to the garage. I have been a Concours entrant and later, regional, and national Concours Judge since 1989, and wrote portions of the PCA Parade Competition Rules on Preservation Group judging. I enjoy discussing the preparation, exhibition and judging of Porsches and hope to demystify Concours for our members through this Committee.

Membership Chair

David Boyd

Safety Chair

John Schmidt

“Hello, I’m John Schmidt, currently the Safety Chair for the Bluegrass Region PCA. Prior to this position, I had been a Director on the Board since 2013. I bought my first (and only, so far) Porsche in 2012 about 5 minutes after my first test drive and joined the Bluegrass Region PCA a few weeks later. My 2000 Boxster S was a retirement present to myself after 40 years as an Engineer at IBM and Lexmark. My wife, Ana, and I have enjoyed extensive International travel when it was safe and look forward to doing so again later this year again (we hope). We both also enjoy golf and Porsche outings. Recently, we also are greatly enjoying our first grandchild! We hope to meet many more of you members on future outings very soon.”

Social Media and Drive Chair

Larry Dukes

“I’m Larry Dukes. I currently serve as Social Media Chair and Drive Chair. I fell in love with Porsche at Sebring and Daytona in the late 1960’s and especially the early 1970’s. My science teacher when I was a senior in HS bought a yellow 911 and I was hooked. Always wanted a Porsche, but never got one even though I had a TR6, MGB, 280ZX and Supra Turbo. In 2015 I had Gastric Sleeve surgery with the goal to lose 120 lbs (I weighed in at a hefty 312 pre-surgery). I told my wife Shirley that when I reached that goal I was buying a Porsche! As the weight was coming off, I was shopping for a 911 Cabriolet, but one day in November 2016 on the way to Lexington, we saw a Silver Boxster S and the next thing you know, it’s in my garage. Shirley calls it (“The Silver Bullet!). We recently replaced my 2000 Lexus ES300 with a white 2013 Cayenne S, which Shirley quickly claimed! I joined the PCA in February of 2017 and have really enjoyed both managing Social Media and planning, organizing and conducting Driving Tours throughout the Bluegrass. The Bluegrass Region is a great group of folks that are bonded by a single emotion, we love our Porsches!”

Technical Chair

David Patrick

We bought our first Porsche in 2007 and joined PCA in 2008.  I have been involved in the club by leading drives, having tech sessions, attending and volunteering at Parade.  I also served as President of the Bluegrass Region. I have done most of the minor maintenance on my 997 including oil and fluid changes, brakes, water pump etc.  Currently we have a 2023 718 Boxster and a 1963 356B in restoration. I enjoy working on my cars as it helps me keep on top of their maintenance and care.  We enjoy the drives, car shows and socials. If you have a simple project (oil change etc.) you want to do to your car let me know and we can do a tech session.

Track Chair

Jamie Diehl

Member since 2017 happily driving a Basalt Black 911 Turbo Cab and for the course I enjoy a Sapphire 981 Cayman GTS. I served a few years as Track Chair, have worked the Keeneland Concours in Paddock, served as Paddock Chair as well as Hospitality Chair. I love Porsche and the people and encourage everyone to take part in one of the many events. All are posted in multiple locations like the website, Newsletter and Facebook. The more that I became involved in the Bluegrass Region the more fun I had with my cars. Now I am privileged to carry the torch as the 2023 President. I look forward to meeting many of you at one of the club events and as always- Remember to get in your Porsche and know, ‘It’s not the destination, It’s the journey!”