Bluegrass Region Porsche Club
Bluegrass Region Porsche Club

PCA COVID-19 procedures

Each of us attending a PCA managed event are required to complete a Communicable Disease Waiver (CDW). Please know that the intent of the CDW is to allow us to get back to events as quickly as practical in a responsible manner.

You can find the updated Communicable Disease Waiver (updated June 25, 2020) at this link. The CDW is good from signing and until May 26th, 2021. Some regions have found it will be easier to collect new CDWs at each controlled access event vs setting up a tracking system. Either approach is fine. Our BGS Board is looking at what system we use to ensure forms are completed and filed.

We have updated the Guidelines for PCA Officers and Event Organizers. These guidelines are being made available to assist you in planning and operating events while COVID-19 restrictions remain in place. Restrictions may originate from federal, state/provincial, local government or from facilities that you are engaging for the event.

We have developed Member Safety Guidelines that you can use when promoting events, on registration websites and in safety briefings at controlled access events. The actual procedures you put in place should be adapted to local conditions. Regions can have more stringent procedures. These template guidelines can be a starting point for when regions are requested to provide their COVID-19 procedures as part of obtaining agreements to host events.